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Dental Marketing SEO

Attracting "New Patients" Isn't Enough Anymore. We Need To Attract The "Right Patient"

The advantages in digital marketing are all based around our opportunity to be selective and specific in regards to who will see our site and what keywords will trigger our site to appear in the rankings. One of the biggest blunders that we see is doctors purchasing SEO, or PPC, without an over-arching strategy as to what types of cases we want to attract and what kinds of searches those people are making. Remember, when someone is going to make a major purchase in their life they will spend about 7 times longer online researching their options than a regular consumer. This means that digital marketing is essential for big case marketing!

What SEO Can Do For You

Search engines utilize metadata which is what is displayed on your search engine results page. Metadata is a summary of what the page content consists of. By optimizing metadata, it allows us to target specific treatments to specific locations. Aligning all of these elements will lead to increased rankings and visibility across all search engines.

We believe in staying ahead of the curve to provide the ultimate user experience essentially leading to quality patient conversions. We begin with an SEO quality control check to ensure your dental website is in line with search engine standards. Utilizing ongoing analytic data allows us to evaluate and optimize, and stay on the cutting edge of industry trends.

Social Media Marketing

Stay Top of Mind With Your Patients

Today, 74% of all adults and an astounding 90% of those under the age of 30 are using social media to discover new businesses like your dental office. There is no other advertising medium that provides the mixture of targeting, tracking, and engagement that social media provides.

We can help your practice develop and execute a social media strategy that will establish and grow your social audience. Our team will build a network of online fans across social networks that will help spread the word about your dental practice.

How Our Social Media Can Work For You

Social media marketing can be overwhelming. This dynamic industry is ever-evolving and staying up with the trends can be challenging. Our in-house social media experts are here to work with you and your team to implement a proven strategy that helps to create engaging content, which promotes the practice’s brand. Utilizing compelling testimonials, video blogs, and before and afters, we are able to drive traffic, promote engagement, and generate qualified leads. Not only do we execute successful social media campaigns, but also help your team convert social media leads into loyal patients.

Our social media department works closely with our other departments to make sure that each ad is running parallel campaigns. We monitor each ad closely and make as many needed adjustments to provide the best results.

Dental Strategy

Unless you’re starting this new decade overflowing with new patients, you need to have a strong dental marketing strategy in place. Even if you prefer to rely on referrals for new patients (which, of course, make the best new patients).

Now, marketing can be a whirlwind, especially in the digital setting. Things move fast. Search algorithms change. New platforms surface. Even user behaviors change. We all have Attention Deficit Disorder when browsing the Internet (Thanks, Facebook Newsfeed).

We have to evolve with these changes. As a dentist, you do. As a digital marketing provider, we must do the same. So without further ado, below are the top 10 dental marketing strategies you (and we!) need to execute in 2020.

  • 1. Overcome Social Media Fatigue
  • 2. Go Hollywood With Engaging Videos
  • 3. Be Findable by Digital Assistants
  • 4. Enhance Your Paid Search Campaigns
  • 5. Get More 5-Star Online Reviews
  • 6. Optimize Your Website for Engagement
  • 7. Spread Your Influence
  • 8. Automate Your Email Campaigns
  • 9. Ramp up Your Content Marketing
  • 10. Implement All-in-One Marketing

Paid Campaigns

Drive patient volume by using social paid ads, such as Facebook, Instagram or Google ads for your practice.

Whether it’s a lead generation campaign for dental implant patients, a new clinic brand awareness campaign driven by video, an Invisalign quiz ad, or a full Facebook funnel ad, we help clinics increase visibility and drive new patients.

Social Media Paid Campaigns

Ideally created for practices that are comfortable in posting on their own social media channels, but want to run a specific treatment campaign to attract new patients.

Facebook Ads


Google Ads


Dental Branding

What is your dental practice branding doing for you?

Your brand image is as important to your dental practice business as your patients. Brand image is not just the creation of a logo, but an image that encompasses the whole ethos and beliefs of the dental practice. Your brand image communicates, in a split second, your dental business ethos, values, and business differentiation.
Newarc Digital Marketing works with you to design a brand image that conveys your image whether used on dental website letterhead or a simple appointment card.